Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Himal's Bio-data

I was born in the western part of Nepal, Pyuthan .According t0 my mom ,that was the day of Rishi panchami, second biggest festival for Hindu women.That was 24 years ago.I was born in my maoli(mother's parents house). When I borned ,my maoli grandma picked up my name as "HIMAL" .It means I was like himalaya which has full of snow ; all white.I was like a himalaya,white,so she picked up my name from there before my nuwaran (special ceremony in the eleventh day of birth to pick the name of new born child, according to hindu principle).My Father 's name is Dharm and mother's is Nama. They are my god. No matter I often go to temple to search for god. My father was an Indian Army and he just retired 3 years ago. He had served there for 24 years since 18 years from his age. He had keen passion to be an indian army .After finishing his School Leaving certificate(SLC) ,he was admitted there by another guy's name whose father was about to retire. He is still using that name as his official name.


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